Welcome to the Digital, Paperless World.

As the world is slowly moving in the direction of a Digital, Paperless world; why should our medical history just be a stack of paper, lying in an unorganised drawer or cupboard? We not only risk losing important documents, but many a time we are unable to find a particular prescription when required most.

Introducing InstantMed Plus

Take your Medical Records Digital

Go Paperless! InstantMed Plus lets you store your entire medical records ranging from Prescriptions to Vaccines on the cloud. These records can later be viewed in a timeline format on the app or website.

Read Curated Health Articles

Read through a compendium of curated content gathered from around the web, updated on a regular basis. Happy reading!

Search & Bookmark Records

Search and Bookmark your Prescrptions for easy accessing, and viewing!


InstantMed Plus is smart, with a lot of features, for covenient user experience.

  • Code Generated Desktop Medical Record Timeline Viewer

  • Easy Login using Email or Social Media Networks

  • Written Using Various Programming Languages

  • Bookmark Prescriptions for Easy Viewing

  • Medical Records - Now Stored on the Cloud

What are you waiting for?

Revolutionize the way you View and Store your Medical Records!